Solving Stills Disease

Still's disease is the most common rheumatic cause of unknown fever in adults. This series by Dr. Jack Cush covers the definition, history, epidemiology, key manifestations and labs, diagnostic criteria, pathogenesis and the management of adult-onset Sti...

Not Still’s—Now What?

You don’t meet criteria for Still’s disease (AOSD or sJIA), now what should you do or consider?

Grand Rounds – Evaluation of Febrile Rheumatic Patients

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the appproach to evaluating fever in adults suspected of having a rheumatic disease, Stills disease or autoinflammatory conditions. Presentation, disease criteria and genetic testing are discussed. 

QD Clinics – Cases of Stills Disease- with Dr. Jack Cush

When to Stop Anakinra   Which IL-1 Inhibitor Should you Use?   How many days of Fever?   Fever by the Numbers.   When to do Genetic Te...

Still’s Disease Abstracts from EULAR 2017

Dr. Olga Petryna - Canakinumab in Adults and Pediatric Still's Disease     Dr. Jack Cush - Autoinflammatory syndromes from Bed to Bench

Flare Patterns in Autoinflammatory Syndrome During Pandemic: Dr. Yuz Yusof

Autoinflammatory: PAH in AOSD, VEXAS, JAKi in Still’s, Role of labs in infections vs. flares

Diagnosing (Bad) VEXAS: The Experts Speak Drs. Beck and Ferrada

QD Clinic – Fever by the Numbers

TNR Grand Rounds – Cytokine Storm Syndrome